Social obligations

D-Tech supports corporate social responsibility and emphasis the well-being of the community, employees, customers and other stakeholders as well as the environment through its operations.

D-Tech places a strong emphasis on sustainability and environmental issues in all its operations and strives to have a positive impact on nature and the environment. Sustainability is a guiding light in all activities, and we look at environmental and community factors as well as economics in all decision making. We respect the environment and aim to promote greater sustainability.

Sustainability and the environment are part of D-Tech’s operations and our solutions encourage evolution and eco-friendly operations. We are involved in building, developing and innovating in a wide range of areas and providing service worldwide. In all our projects, products and services, we focus on an ecological approach and environmental, safety and other social considerations are always considered in the company’s projects. Our goal is to bring our knowledge in a positive way and to promote progress in increasing value creation and benefit for our customers.

Gender equality is important to us and in all activities, we place great emphasis on equal rights for men and women. We strive to create equal opportunities for employees, a healthy, safe and inspiring work environment. We also want to promote gender equality on a wider level, so that everyone can benefit from their talents, both for themselves and the society