The BK Salmon company recommends the D-tech disinfection system as an innovative solution in the area of maintaining microbiological purity in salmon processing plants… We confirm the very high efficiency of the installed system in terms of maintaining microbiological purity, as well as its cost-effectiveness in terms of water consumption and biocides. D-SAN Solutions company offers us high quality of service care and substantive support.

BK Salmon

The D-tech system was installed in July 2014 as part of an operation we were working on to overcome some hygienically problems we had, especially the Listeria monocytogenes…We can confirm that we are seeing significant lower Listeria countings than before the installation of the DisAct system and our product has been Listeria free for 2 months now. It seem to be easier to clean both panels and equipment after using the system for some time. There is also almost no “unwelcome” smell in the factory now… The system is very user-friendly and easy in operation and the chemical has no negative effect, neither on equipment or people. The bottom line is that I can definitely recommend the system.

Grieg Seafood

Our primary goal at HB Grandi is always to seek every available possibility to be leading when it comes to hygiene, quality and safety in our productions. HB Grandi, located in Vopnafjörður, begun their use of DisAct system before the Herring and Makríl season, in the summer 2010. Now, HB Grandi has already invested in 9D-tech systems, both for usage in their fishing vessels and onshore fish processing.

HB Grandi

For the last two years we have been using D-tech and D-SAN sterilizer onboard our pelagic vessels. This has along with other measures taken, improved the cleanliness of the vessels greatly. We have also seen significant reduction in the amount of bacteria on the surface of the vessels tanks.

Cleaning the vessels is easier after we started using D-tech. The chemical seems to create a cover on the surface that prevents materials from sticking to it (less biofilms).

HB Grandi (Pelagic vessels)

Since the D-tech system was implemented in Matfugl’s slaughtering facilities in Mosfellsbær the company has obtained many very important benefits in terms of cost savings, cleanliness, elimination of bacterial occurrences and more… The waste treatment facilities of the operation have much less undesirable odour than before the DisAct system was implemented… Our experience with the system overall has been excellent. Disinfection has been good and the cleaning crew feels that their job has become easier…


… The numbers speaks by themselves. We achieved very respectable microbiological results compared to what we got in 2015. This system has proven itself to be extremely effective to improve our cleaning performances…

Royal Greenland

… We confirm the high efficiency of the system installed in our production plant both in terms of maintaining microbiological purity, as well as in terms of its efficiency regarding the low water demand in the process of automatic disinfection. The innovative technology used in the system meets the expectations of modern poultry meat processing plants.


… After about 4 weeks of daily use, we noted an increase in microbial stability in disinfected rooms and a significant improvement in air quality. Particular attention is paid to the possibility of automatic control of the disinfection cycle, intuitive operation and economical use of water and biocides compared to traditional methods…


We have been extremely happy with the D-tech system. All tests that have been taken and provided to Icelandic health and safety authorities (Fiskistofa) have been very good and we are on the opinion that the DisAct system and D-SAN disinfectant gives us the best possible hygiene solution and limits risks to our business substantially.

Fiskmarkaður Siglufjarðar

D-tech system is a very good disinfection system, convenient and simple. We run the system at night and it’s good to find the freshness in the air in the morning when the process starts. The mist reaches places that are difficult to clean or disinfect. DisAct has helped us a lot and we can definitely recommend it.

Fiskmarkaður Suðurnesja í Sandgerði

SVN invested in a automated disinfectant system the year 2002 after extensive testing of the equipment conducted by the Icelandic fisheries laboratories which confirmed that the system delivered much better results in all tests. In the summer 2005 IFL repeated the tests and the results were the same – a bacteria free environment.

Our gain from the D-tech system is obvious both from quality and financial point of view and in light of our experience we have installed the D-tech system onboard both our trawlers with great results.

Our objective is simply that SVN will continue to be among the best when it comes to product quality and safety and the DisAct system plays an important role in that strategy.

SVN (Síldarvinnslan)

According to the Gullver Managing director, Mr. Adolf Guðmundsson, installing D-tech has resulted in increased product quality and extended product freshness as well as eliminated bad odour in the production facilities. For Gullver NS 12 this has contributed to obtaining the highest possible market prices at any given time…

… The performance is simply great, both the smell and texture on the floor vanished after we started using this system. I can certainly recommend this system, it’s very effective and it was a very good decision to invest in this equipment.

Gullver NS-12 (Trawler owned by SVN)

We have been using the D-tech system for over a year now and our experience in using the solution has been very positive… The DisAct system is without a doubt the best future solution for the fish industry and definitely an investment that pays off.

Vestmanney VE-45 (Trawler owned by Bergur-Huginn)

D-tech’s innovation and leadership in green technology has inspired other tech companies in the marine sector in Iceland to emphasise on environmentally friendly solutions. D-tech’s outstanding green hygiene sanitisation technology has been one of the cornerstones in the Green Marine Technology project initiated by the “The Iceland Ocean Cluster”. The Green Marine Technology is a cooperation project with the aim of expanding the marketing effort of Icelandic technology companies and at the same time emphasize the leadership role of the Icelandic ocean industry in terms of quality and responsibility in fishing and processing.

Þór Sigfússon, founder of the Icelandic Ocean Cluster

Eimskip – Refrigieration Centre – has been using the D-tech system for about 1,5 years with very good results, for disinfecting inside its facilities and many transportation vehicles using the automatic D-tech fogging technology.

The main storage and handling area… is automatically fogged every day and has resulted in various important benefits for Eimskip including: (1) free of undesirable bacteria, (2) virtually free of undesirable fish odour and (3) less soap usage.

Transportation cargo space is also disinfected with the D-tech system after cleaning. This has some various positive results, including: (1) easier to clean inside the vehicle cargo space, (2) cargo space free of undesirable bacteria and odour, (3) and after transport of fresh fish… any other cargo can be immediately transported without any undesirable odour remaining in the cargo space after disinfection with D-tech system.

Eimskip - Refrigeration center (Klettakælir)

… In order to make a long story short we have gotten comments from a number of visitors that you can not smell fish in the factory. We give our highest recommendation’s to theD-tech system.

Royal Iceland

After using your system just for one week we already feel the difference. Smells are getting more and more limited and it makes work in the factory much more easier. The automation of the unit makes it very easy to use. Best of luck with your future customers. It is definitely worth it.

Mapco Ltd.

Starting from October 2016, we have been cooperating with D-SAN Polska sp.z o.o and D-TECH ehf based in Iceland. Our company uses a D-SAN two-channel disinfection system, installed in the production plant in Dabrowa Chelminska. We confirm the high effectiveness of the installed cleaning system regarding microbiological count.

The system also works well when it is necessary to save water in the cleaning and disinfection processes.

Thai Union, Poland

We at SIA Fish+Fish, Olaine, Latvia, invested in the D-San system in 2017. The reason being that our total plate count of bacteria was over the acceptable limits.
Soon after the installation we saw dramatic improvement in our levels of bacteria. Since installation, the factory has been growing and we have had further installations being done.
Now the system is covering every single angle in the factory and we are free, knock on wood, of listeria and the high levels of other bacteria.
The level of service from the company has been very impressive. If there are any issues, the problems are being solved online or manually

Sighvatur Bjarnason, CEO

We are very impressed how good D-Tech disinfection system is working on

board. We are operating high capacity shrimp factory onboard and all cleaning and

disinfection has become much easier and significant less dirt is building up on belts

and bins during production. We are saving lot of time on cleaning cookers, equipment

and tunnels. The belt cookers are much cleaner now after hours of operation. One of

our factory managers said “…. too bad we never had this system in the beginning. I worked

with these cookers since 2014 and this is the best, I ever seen the cleanliness of these cookers, I

wish I had my time back…”

M/V Newfoundland Victor

D-Tech installed a disinfection system in Oddi in August 2020. The system was installed in our salmon producing factory and inside a FlexiCut machine in the whitefish processing factory.

After installation ATP levels have dropped and no obvious biofilm has formed on the processing line
ATP levels inside the FlexiCut machine have also dropped and remained steadily low since installation
The system is easy and simple to use but it needs time and patience to figure out how to use it to achieve best possible results.
Inga Jónsdóttir

Quality Manager, Oddi hf.

The D-Tech disinfection system was installed in Eðalfiskur on the 11-12th of September 2020. It´s initial purpose was to disinfect hard to reach places where ATP numbers were unacceptable.

After installation ATP numbers have dropped dramatically but cleaning has also become easier and less time consuming.
It is my opinion that the D-Tech disinfection system contributes a great deal to safety in the production of salmon.
Kristján Rafn Sigurðsson

Managing Director, Edalfiskur ehf.

Usage of the D-tech system in slaughtering process in Arnarlax began early in October 2020. After use of the D-tech system it has become easier to keep the slaughtering process clean, and it appears that dirt does not stick to machinery as much where there is not constant waterflow, as a result the frequency of too high ATP measurements has been reduced. The technology system was also installed in vacuum machine/pipes that sucks out intestines and ATP measurements have dropped from 7000 before D-Tech installation to 3000. Since there is not an efficient DIP system in these pipes it is unrealistic to lower these numbers to 0. But before the D-tech system was installed, the ATP numbers were sometimes over 10.000. This technical system has been very helpful in fighting Listeria, in general the system has helped us with lowering all ATP number and keeping track of possible Listeria infection. In places where Listeria numbers have raised a red flag the system has helped us to find the patient zero (equipment/machinery) and with relatively easy actions we have change the product line so that easier it will become to clean the origin of the infection. It is my opinion that the D-San system is a vital and good tool to get better results in the fight against Listeria.
Tryggvi Bjarnason

Support Manager, Arnarlax

… I can say that I’m very impressed with the results so far. The installation was completed promptly as requested with no disturbance to my daily runnings, and with immediate and noticeable change in air quality within the premises”…”All in all, this system has worked wonders for us in a place where many previous systems, did at best, close to nothing. Works as advertised is the best way for me to sum up my experience

Anglo Nordic Seafood Ltd.

To start with, the system was installed as a part of an operation we were working on to overcome some problems we had. Therefore it is not so easy to judge this system alone since we were doing quite a few things at the same time. Anyhow there are a few facts that we can definitely declare.

  1. It is easier to clean both panels and equipment after using it for some time.
  2. There is almost no “unwelcome” smell in the factory now. That could off course be partly explained by better focusing on hygiene and cleaning in general. But not entirely. The usage off the DIS system is undoubtedly a part of that improvement.
  3. The system is very user-friendly and easy in operation, which is an important factor on freezing trawler.
  4. The chemical used appears to have no negative effect, neither on equipment or people, which is much better than other chemicals we have been using so far. The bottom line is that I can definitely recommend the system.
Stefan Gunnarsson Chief engineer. M/V Kiel