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What is D-SAN?

D-SAN is a revolutionary disinfection technique that caters to demanding food related industries that require cost effective and modern disinfection procedures in their production facilities. D-Tech has been providing „whole-room“ sanitisation solutions for over 15 years and has (more than 70) satisfied customers in 15 different countries. So far over 150 D-SAN systems have been set up in total.

How does it work?

D-SAN is a system that creates a disinfecting mist/fog in an area that needs to be sanitized by dispersing tiny little droplets evenly in the traeted area, eliminating harmful microbes very effectively. After basic cleaning the disinfection process begins. D-SAN can serve multiple rooms, production lines, inside processing machines, animal sheds, etc.

360° degree effectiveness

  • D-SAN is very effective regardless of whether surfaces are inclined upward, downward or horizontally. The mist leaves no surface untreated in the area that is being traeted.
  • Units which are difficult to disinfect with traditional methods are easily disinfected with this revolutionary solution, wuch as processing machines, conveyor belts, equipment and other units/surfaces hard to reach.
  • Dut to the high-density of the fog, micorbes in the air itself are eliminated unlike with traditional methods


D-SAN is a completely automated system which eliminates the risk of human error in the sanitizing process. Just by a push of a button D-SAN starts disinfecting but a scheduled program is also available and the system can for example start automatically during the night at a pre decided time.

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Why use D-SAN

Conventional methods for sanitizing requires extensive amounts of both water and chemicals and includes using labor intensive manual spraying techniques. The D-SAN solution provides numerous benefits compared to conventional methods for sanitizing:

Increased efficiency of the sanitisation

D-SAN improves the microbial status of factories significantly which effects both the quality and shelf life of its products and increases food safety for consumers.

Less use of water

The amount of water used for disinfecting is reduced considerably, compared to conventional methods of disinfecting.

Automated sanitisation

D-SAN is automated which eliminates the need of manpower for sanitizing. Just by a push of a button, or by setting a timer the system is turned on and starts disinfecting.

Fast sanitisation

It takes relativelky short time to sanitize facilities, usually between 8-12 minutes but not longer than 15 minutes leaving more time for production.

Less use of chemicals

The amount of chemicals used for disinfecting is reduced considerably compared to conventional methods of disinfecting.

Control of D-SAN via the internet

D-SAN can be connected to the internet allowing online control and surveillance of sanitations.

Salmonella, Listeria, E. Coli, Champhylobacter and last but not least, COVID-19, are all examples of well known pathogenic bacteria that the food production and processing indsutry is constantly battling from spreading and contaminating both the production facilities, raw materials and eventually the final products. Contamination of pathogenic bacteria can have severe consequences for bot the consumer through food related diseases (food poisoning) and the producer from an economical point of view, for example preventing product recall from the market because of contamination.

D-SAN setting new standards

D-Tech is in a leading role when it comes to environmentally friendly sanitation solutions. D-SAN disinfectants are very friendly to the environment and the reduced amount of both water and chemicals used in the D-SAN system compared to conventional methods, is an evidence of that statement.

D-Tech´s goal is to set new and improved hygiene standards for the food industry to increase food safety for consumers worldwide. Improved hytgiene status in food processing plants also increases the value and sheld life of it´s products.

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