2 Feb 2015

Matfugl Poultry Processing – testimonial using D-SAN

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Matfugl is one of Iceland’s leading poultry producer. The company operates a complete poultry production supply chain including, chicken farming, slaughtering and processing. Matfugl is using the D-SAN System within its entire slaughtering facilities

  • Since the D-SAN System was implemented in Matfugl’s slaughtering facilities in Mosfellsbaer the company has obtained many very important benefits in terms of cost savings, cleanliness, elimination of bacterial occurrences and more
  • No salmonella occurrence has happened inside the slaughtering facility since the D-SAN System was implemented
  • No cross-contamination of salmonella or campylobacter has happened within or across different areas of the processing facilities, even if infected chicken has entered the facilities
  • The waste treatment facilities of the operation have much less undesirable odour than before the D-SAN System was implemented